Friday, November 11, 2016


Very disgusted Payroll says, “I hear you talking and you got a good point but ask yourself a question. When and where does it end? Who’s gone be the responsible one to finally stand up and say enough is enough? We need better because we want to be better. Or will you continue to use this opportunity as an excuse to remain stupid?” With amazement Payroll can’t believe he just said all that. Deep down inside he feels really proud and his confidence level of doing better by God rose to an all time high. Proud of himself on one hand, but still disappointed by what he just experienced on the other. He concludes that he’s old enough now to know that he wants and needs a deeper and more better relationship with God without all that mess. He understands that if the devil wants to be any place it would be the church, or on the back of a church bus, or at a Baptist Convention so he can mess up lives and discredit the folks that we’ve looked up to for advice all these years. At some point he tries to understand why he’s in front of all this mess. But even in that he concludes maybe it’s simply showing him how he doesn’t want to be. Hopefully he proclaims, never ever in life.


Thursday, November 10, 2016


Every year there was a big conference and all the Baptist folks from all over the United States would be there. Payroll had never been to one and all he ever heard was negative feedback so he didn’t have any plans on ever going. This year some of his friends are going and they are trying to convince Payroll to go with them. He thought about it and then later decided it was a chance for him to see for himself what everybody talks about when it came to these type conferences like who got screwed, who was the biggest hoe both male and female. Hoe fest on one side and a man-to-man fest on the other. Who got messed up and how messed up they got. Who was smoking and who was drinking. It sounded like an un-sanctified sleaze fest for church folks. Payroll was very optimistic and thought surely it had to be something better then the negative reports he heard about. He gets to the conference and immediately it was going down. The same old crap, same old garbage, same old stupid stuff going on just like they said at a place where you were suppose to be getting together with other Christians and share your experience. I guess the experience at the conferences was the experience on the local level and it all came together as one big pile of ungodliness. By the time Payroll got introduced to this mess it was so accepted that it was ridiculous. He could tell that this has been going on for quite a long while. Out of frustration Payroll starts asking questions to whomever he thought could have been or should be a leader. He sees an adult lady in the hallway and was like. “Where the heck are the leaders that are supposed to be responsible for the Young and the Restless? There are thousands of people in the building and most of the young teens you see around here have no real supervision. They can pretty much do whatever the heck they want to. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.” this old ancient of days brother speaks up and says, “well we got classes and training sessions but we can’t get the young kids to participate” Then a young voice sounded out with an attitude and said, “there’s no real reason for going once you realized most of the people doing the training are the same ones hoeing around at night. Lecturer by day and a freaking skirt chaser by night. The teen crowd laughs we just having fun right now doing what they do but on a smaller scale.” Payroll speaks up in amazement, “Well I’ll be dam, what a mix without a match.” The young voice spoke up again, “you gotta understand where I’m coming from about this. How can they possibly expect us to listen to them? How can they expect to be close enough to reach anybody when what they’re teaching they don’t follow themselves? We lead by example right? I mean correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what’s up right?



This video is for anyone that has lost hope after this election...LOVE trumps hate! The power of Freedom is in you!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Payroll realized at that moment that he had just put himself in a position of sexual transformation with 2 women that he knew nothing about. And if they wanted him to get down like that he was going to get more out of it than just an orgasm. They didn’t call him Payroll for nothing. He runs it down to them what it’s gone be and makes sure they understand what it’s going to take to make a move on him. After 20min or so they come to an agreement. One by one they grab Payroll and begin to do things that he’d never heard of before. They had their way with him, drove him back to the church parking lot and dropped him off. Even though he’d won the challenge Payroll left there feeling very empty inside. A bit confused about what had just taken place. He stands in the parking lot like a zombie trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Conflicting thoughts of guilt, and macho was racing through his mind. He felt bad about what just happened, but he also felt like a champion. And though he vowed to never do that again, it simply started a roller coaster ride of sexual perversion in a place where he was suppose to be getting Godly counsel and good advice on living free from sin. The word got out that Payroll was packing a big tank and all the chicks who found out about it wanted to get a piece of the action. It got so bad that even on youth church outings when they had to ride the bus out of town, the back of the bus is where it all went down. Forced entry was committed by the girls. They were the ones forcing guys to put their hands in all the wrong places. Didn’t matter how wrong they knew it was they did it anyway. You had to wonder why none of the leaders ever came to the back of the bus to see what was going on. I’m sure they cared but probably thought they were just having fun the right way. 



Hillary Clinton Wins the Popular Vote but looses the Election. One may add how is that possible? It simply means that more people voted for you however it was in areas where it did not produce the needed Electoral Votes to Win the Presidency. In her speech today she reminds people to continue to Fight for what they Believe in. Never give up Hope and Never regret the Hard Work it takes. Hillary expresses how Important it is for us to Now Move Forward and except Donald Trump as the new President. She also offered to work along with him to help move this country forward.

Hillary thanked President Obama and First Lady Michelle for their hard work and accomplishments for the last 8 years, as well as thanking her staff and those that supported her financially for her campaign.

You could see the pain in her face as she replied how painful she feels and that it will last for a long time, but vows to keep fighting and hold those accountable for the promises made while campaigning for President. 

What could they have done differently, or what else could they have done is not in play at this time but at some point within the next 4 years will be a Very Healthy Heartfelt discussion.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


As a teenager in church challenges came in real big numbers for Payroll especially now since he’s upped his game and dripping wet with pimp swag. One Sunday morning 2 females approached Payroll in the parking lot right before service started. One of them was a young dark chocolate army chick about 5’9 slim and trim with a trace of muscles. Her name was silky. The other one was about 5’8 high yellow with a trace of thickness but in all the right places. Her name was Vanilla Bean. They simply wanted to have sex with Payroll and challenged him right in the church parking lot. Silky approaches him and says, “Hey what’s your name? Payroll acts like he didn’t hear her and says “who me? They call me Payroll.” Silky leans in a bit closer and says, “Well Payroll we’ve been checking you out since you got here.” Payroll sizes them up before he speaks, “You’ve been checking me out? Ok, I can feel that. So what’s on your mind?” Silky looks at vanilla bean and says, “Tell him why we here.” vanilla bean without a thought says, “We’ve got a proposition for you. That is if you’re up for a good challenge.” Payroll motions with his head and says, “Depends on what it is. What you got in mind?” silky while smiling says, “On the real? We want to see what you can do with both of us.” payroll laughs, “do what?” Silky responds, “We want to f???!” Payroll takes a step back in shock he didn’t see that coming He’s still trying to figure out who these girls are. And why they chose him for this sinful escapade was far beyond his imagination. He repeats it, “so let me get this straight. Both of you want to have sex with me?” silky responds “yea unless you think you can’t handle This! And That!.” pointing at herself and vanilla bean” Payroll in a somewhat confused way says, “why me?” she responds quickly, “why not you Payroll?” Silky starts talking mad trash while Vanilla Bean is chilling trying to size Payroll up and figure out who’s gone get some first. Payroll was very nervous but the flesh part of him was opening up to the challenge. A few seconds later Payroll, with a weird sounding scared voice says, “It’s on you let’s get going.” They take payroll away from the church about 3 blocks to some apartment that belonged to this preacher friend of theirs. They get inside and right away silky starts talking mad smack back and forth. Payroll’s trying to be cool but the butter flies in his stomach is getting the best of him. Silky approaches Payroll in a flirty way while Vanilla Bean is behind him getting undressed. Payroll stands there nervous as heck like he’s in a daze or something until Vanilla Bean approaches him butt necked and starts trying to take his clothes off. Payroll pushes Vanilla Bean off of him and with a loud voice he says, “Wait A Minute! This shit ain’t FREE!”


Monday, November 7, 2016


“I know you want me to shut up, but for some reason I feel like I’m helping somebody so listen, what’s up with the lady on the 2nd row that stands up and just go to swinging on the whole row of people, just going down the row swinging her arms and fist at people like she trying to knock somebody out or something. Who the hell is she mad at? You church folks got me confused up in here right now. Shouting until your hat falls off, you stop shouting long enough to put your hat back on and then go back to shouting again. Your Wig gets all crooked, bout to fall off your head from shouting and you stop shouting long enough to straighten your wig out then go back to shouting again. Come on now you know you Out Of Bounds with that. Why do you even call this shouting? You should call it having a fit, or crazy, crazy, or I’m gone get you sucker because it’s crazy and somebody always gets got.” You could now hear a pin drop it seems like Payroll has their undivided attention they were so quiet.  Being embarrassed is not even a thought any more now that Payroll has everybody’s attention. No one had any idea that a simple question would turn out like this. If anybody was going to get some relief today you better believe it was going to be Payroll. “Why is it that every Sunday the majority of the men on the front row are sleep, and when it comes time for altar prayer some of those same men are outside taking a smoke break? You asked a question about how you can get more people to attend; but I’ve seen you kick people out of here because of how they smelled or how they looked. And they really needed some help or at the very least some Godly counsel. Maybe it’s a lack of training or just a lack of love on your part but for starters you need to work on the people that are already here especially the ones in leadership. For me it’s not about what you say but more about what you do. How you living speaks louder than how you saying, And when you start living what you say what you teach and preach about, you won’t have to ask how can you get more people to come they’ll just start showing up. Payroll finishes his sentence takes a look around the room and gracefully he walks out. As he heads outside to get in the car he’s stopped by a woman at the door. While looking at him eye to eye she apologizes and tells him thank you for being brave enough to say what most of us didn’t have the courage to. He continues out the door and into the parking lot meeting up with the friends he had come with. While walking to the car no one says a word. Once they get to the car they pause long enough to give Payroll a big hug. They get in the car and head down the road toward Payroll’s house. While driving, silence is broken as one of his knuckle head friends fart and stink up the car. They laugh all the way to Payrolls house. He gets out of the car looks back and say’s “thanks for everything punks!” 


Sunday, November 6, 2016


Hillary Deploys an Army of Celebrities as we come to the last 48 hours until election and the Message is Very Clear despite the Criticizers that are coming from the Trump camp saying they can do it without Celebrities. 



 50 CENT





“Why would I go to church with you when you do the same thing I do and in most cases you do it better than me?” The first statement out of his mouth created such uproar that it took almost 10 minutes to quiet people down and let Payroll finish talking. Once order was established Payroll continues, “Last night you guys were in the Blue Martini ripping the dance floor drinking and getting high right by me.” The more he thinks the saltier he gets and feels the need to keep ripping this thing to pieces. “All I’m saying is it’s a bit confusing. Especially to someone like me who really wants to change but don’t really know how to change. Hell I thought the church was supposed to be my example to get me out of the clubs. But what you showing me is how I can do both club and church. I thought the church is where I’m suppose to go to get free from sin, but instead you teaching me how to sin on the church level.” Payroll can’t seem to let this conversation die. His eyes are now blood shot red as tears begin to flow from them. As he speaks you can feel the pain coming through every word. He finds himself making a public announcement and boy they didn’t know how to take it. “Heck if you gone do church then do church! Most of you folks in here are no deeper than a half pint of gin.” Payroll is so heated that he’s talking much louder and much longer then even he anticipated. The forum gets larger as people are rushing in to see what all the commotion is about. Payroll is not moved by the crowd of people he gets louder as he continues to make his point. “One more thing while I got your attention. What’s with all the jumping and shouting and tearing up stuff, ripping your clothes off, swinging on people and smacking folks? It’s wild up in here, and who’s the tall guy in the choir? The one that everybody runs from when he gets ready to do whatever he does. And don’t be looking at me all silly eyed like you don’t know what I’m talking about. This brother is like a wild animal having a fit. Swinging his arms everywhere and then all of a sudden he gets real stiff like a board and then you have to carry him out. And why is it that when the women start shouting those men ushers be grabbing them around their breast? It looks like a wrestling match too physical for my young eyes to see. And who’s the hefa that only falls out and shout when my daddy is around? I’m not kidding; you don’t think people notice this crap but we do. Only when he’s around she decides she have to faint in his arms. If I had been close enough she would have gotten slapped. I wanted to go over there and snatch her cheap looking wig piece off.” The tension in the room is crazy; one of the leaders is now trying to get Payroll to calm down and tells him that he’s out of line. Payroll looks at him disgusted and keeps talking. “I may not have a clear understanding about church. But I know enough to know that something is wrong with this picture. And if this is what you call church I might as well stay on the outside of it.” Payroll quickly realizes he’s at a point of no return and this just might be his last time in here so he decides to go all the way with it.


Saturday, November 5, 2016


Payroll connected with many different people in the church for different reasons. There were So many different ideas in the church, a lot of different avenues to take good or bad. Depended on how you looked at it, who you hung with, and why you were really there. Payroll used to say, “I wonder if anybody in here is really saved or not?” Sounds crazy but he was serious. With All the things he’d already experienced in church it made him wonder. Some of the same people he sees in church are in the clubs chilling like a villain. The only difference is they dressed up a little different. Not much but a little. They got what they like to call church clothes on. They almost had him fooled though. You see Payroll thought the people who were shouting all over the place were the only ones who had it together with God. It really confused him though; because in his mind they were supposed to be different from the people like him that are partying in the clubs every night. The only difference he could see was they had dressed it up with different clothes. A big church meeting had been scheduled and some of his acquaintances thought it would be a good idea for him to attend. At this meeting they give you a chance to respond and ask questions. So Payroll reluctantly decided that he should probably go and hooks up with a few of his friends to get there. It was on a Wednesday night and that worked for him. Once they arrive and get inside Payroll see’s some familiar faces up front talking about how to reach more people and get them to come to church. As they were talking it was becoming very clear in Payroll’s mind where he’s seen them before. Only this time they were up talking like they were super spiritual and stuff. Some of the things they were up there saying about living right really started to piss Payroll off because just last night those same people were ripping the dance floor, drinking and getting high right next to him at the Blue Martini. Every Tuesday night it’s ladies night and the Blue Martini be jumping. He remembers them well because they were really getting it in last night, popping bottles while sexing the dance floor. Payrolls inner thoughts become outer thoughts but only with a whisper. His friends take note of it and try to calm him down but it’s too late for that. Now Payrolls whisper is no longer a whisper and other people have started to take notice to what was going on around him. Finally one of the leaders who noticed the somewhat small interruption got on the microphone and said, “Excuse me sir but would you like to say something?” Why the hell did they say that? Without hesitation Payroll didn’t think twice and in a gentle but fierce way he responds.




What's being seen on television as a proper way of life is totally confusing our Now Generation. What's being portrayed leaves them no hope or Encouragement for anything, with Nothing to look forward to but the Next Problem, the Next Fix, the Next Argument, and or the Next Who Gives a Rats Ass about what you talking bout.

Yelling Screaming Conniving, Cheating, Self-Centered people, out to get Over on each other, reaching for the you done Pissed me off remote control. Contemplating on how miserable can I make him or her be today.

Love is mistaking by Lust only to be defined in physical terms. Hump day taken literally with Humping someone instead of what it really means used in context of climbing a Proverbial Hill to get through a tough week.

Reality Shows on television have become the Norm in the home and the cycle continues from one Generation to the next getting worse and worse.



Friday, November 4, 2016


Mean while the Sunday morning fashion show was still in effect. Some of those chicks had so much Makeup caked on them you really didn’t know what it was. Looking like the Pillsbury hoe boy. No doubt those young ladies always put on one heck of a show. Some of them never wore the same thing twice. It was all about being in the moment whatever that moment was good or bad. One thing for sure though, Payroll had never seen so many fine young ladies in one place at the same time. He called them 10’s & 12’s even a few 15’s scattered about here and there. The sugar fleet was in the building baby, straight off the streets. Hotwired and ready for cable. There were some very classy women there also. And you could tell by the looks of them that they really had it together but on a different level. It was like night and day, no comparison to the hot verses the classy. A lot of the older women always wanted to kiss on Payroll and get their liquid Fashion Fair makeup all over his clothes. It was ok though he knew they meant well, and Payroll had mad respect for the mothers of the church. He use to say “Lord what would we do without praying mothers? Lord what would I do without my praying mother? Thank God for momma.”

Now the fella’s were a little different. One person in particular was a man name Pretty-B. This brother was extra sharp. During offering he would pull out this big wad knot of money that was wrapped in a red rubber band. Everybody saw it, and I think he wanted you to see it. He was a classy brother and always walked like he was working a runway. You could tell that he was from a different class of people because everything about him was very clean cut. They use to admire him because he was like Classy Rich, Charm School Rich, Like a King with a Castle Kind of Rich. Very charming and everybody loved to see him coming. Oh yes when Pretty-B stepped around for offering everything stopped because Pretty-B had everybody’s attention. He commanded every moment with one of his signature waves like a Ms America I just won the crown kind of wave. Point being the man had it together and whenever Pretty-B showed up the church said Amen. Then there were those other guys. You know the ones with the creative walk me to the mall and let’s go shopping look. Of course we knew who boo boo was out of the guys; they would be decked out with a walk that would put the average girl to shame. It was almost the best part of the show only because they would try so hard to be like a lady but always over did it. Way over the top kind of stuff. Payroll separated himself from most of the guys. He claimed King Status from day one. He never wanted to mimic or be like anybody else. He considered himself a real one of a kind man that strutted like a real King. At the end of the day it didn’t take long to realize this was all about a look. Look the part don’t matter if you were the part. After the fashion show was over it was time to move on to the next phase. You had to wonder though, if they were putting any money in the offering tray or did they just use that time to shine.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


The race tightens for the White House. Who's gonna make the difference in the final push? Will it be TRUMP! or HILLARY?! Trump is finally laid back and acting as if he has it all in the Bag while he continues to bash Hillary on the Email Scandal. Hillary in the mean time is in Panic mode still pushing the envelope on Trumps foul mouth and sexual harassment.

We shall see in 4 more days who's gonna take over the WHITE HOUSE!


Because of where the pulpit was in the front it was considered the best view. They would have to pass by the Preachers, and Pastors who normally would be sitting but make it a point to stand around this time. Graciously you could see the excitement on their faces during offering. It was like a car show auction where you put in your bid with hopes of winning the ride of a lifetime. One particular Sunday Payroll decides he wants a front view. He knows a few people up front like Pastor Crazy, and makes his way up toward the front and starts chilling next to him by the pulpit. Pastor Crazy liked to talk a lot and was being his usual self telling Payroll a bunch of crazy stuff. They don’t call him Pastor Crazy for nothing. He earned his name years ago doing what he does best, being crazy. They see this group of girls making their way around for offering and Payroll makes a comment about one of the girls walking around about how fine she was but she looked like she was too young to even matter. Pastor Crazy leans over to Payroll and with his mouth changes the very course of everything going on. He opens his mouth and says “if she’s old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to f???.” Payroll takes a step back with unbelief. He quenches “Negro please!” He was shocked that something like that would even come out of Pastor Crazy’s mouth. Even more shocking was the fact that he said it like it was just another average day in the church house. This was Payroll’s place in time when he really realized that he had surrounded himself with some crazy preachers that were straight up crazy and out of their stupid un-natural born minds. It’s true that Payroll wasn’t a saint and they all had their moments of stupid excitement during offering checking out the chicks and all. But Payroll was furious. “My gosh! Pastor Crazy,” Payroll yells out. “That was a sick thought you just verbalized in my ear. Even sicker is the fact that you serious.” Payroll gives him one of those off the wall crazy looks and keeps it moving. It was obvious that pastor crazy had bigger problems than most and this right here explains out loud how stupid and off balance Pastor Crazy was. Without a doubt he was at the bottom of the barrel. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


After 107 years the Cubs Win the World Series in game 7. This is the longest World Series recorded to date. The Cubs came back from being down 1 to 3. All Cleveland had to do is win one more game, but those Cubs were not having it. They came back by winning 3 games in a row to clinch the Series 4 to 3. 25 Year old right handed 97 mile pitcher knocks off 2 outs in the 10th and totally excites the crowd and sets up the veteran pitcher for the last out. 

Totally an Epic Moment for the Cubs who haven't won a series in 107 Years



Tee was altogether lovely. And he cherished every moment of watching her do what she does best. Tee could put on a dish towel and make it look like a million bucks. She was just that kind of a girl and he was fascinated about her. She was altogether lovely, super fine, and dressed to impress. When it came time for offering the sanctuary instantly turned into a runway for models both male and female. It was so crazy. If you wanted to see the latest fashion this was the time to do it. They would always call the balcony down first. Anybody who thought they were anybody was on their way down to make a statement. You could see everybody up there prepping themselves for the offering half time show. No prizes, no trophies or anything being given out for this. This was free for you being there. First they had to walk down 20 steps that were covered in red crush velvet carpet. Once they hit the bottom of those stairs it was time to get it poppin with no stoppin. Sanctuary of praise here them fashion crazies come. It’s time to strut your stuff, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE BALCONY. Young ladies and young girls pranced around that offering plate switching real hard and stuff, showing off hot bodies with Butts out, Breast flying Minnie skirts and stiletto heels, pretty Pumps supporting pretty Rumps. Short dresses with slits up the side and Long dresses with slits up the middle. Giving the people everything they want to see like it or not. The only thing missing was a commentator. And boy they needed one just to explain what the heck some of that was bouncing around the offering plate. Some of that stuff those chicks were wearing you wondered was that even an outfit or just strings and things. And then there was Bubble Butt. Kind of self explanatory but for the sake of those who may not know she simply had a real big Bubble Butt. Everything was always tight fitting on her and she walked like she was getting a pay check when it was over. She worked it real hard but she didn’t have anything on Payroll’s number one favorite Ms Tee. Tee was smooth like silk, high fashion and strutted like a million dollar stallion headed to the stable. She be putting on the Ritz’s if you know what I mean. Payroll would just stand there amazed and in a daze following Tee with his eyes all the way around until she made her way back to the balcony.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016




Platinum Towers Group



He made it a point to stay super sharp and G’d up. He always had a smoking outfit on, especially on Sundays.  Robert Hall was one of his favorite department stores that had Italian cut suits and boss shoes. It was obvious his parents enjoyed dressing him because he didn’t have a job and had a different suit on practically every Sunday.  The church he went to was like a big fashion show, as a matter of fact it was a Big Fashion Show and you had better make sure you had it together in the arena of dress to impress. From hot Italian name brands, to Hollywood Swap Meet back in the Alley knock offs, it was there. “All eyes on me he claimed, because I’m looking pretty. I’m Handsome, I’m Fine, and I’m Cute. Hey! I’m a Boss and when you look good you feel good, all the way to the mirror and back to the front door. From head to toe I impress myself with ain’t no stopping me now sugar. I look fabulous and this is what church must be all about.” Yep, that was Payroll’s Sunday morning anthem and he lived by it righteously.
For the most part all the young folks sat in the balcony. The balcony was the place for Payroll to mingle and get to know folks. Check out the chicks, eat, drink, and get his rap on. Seems a bit odd for things like this to go down in church no matter where you’re sitting at but it did. And Payroll fell in line with everybody else just to see how far it goes. So to his credit he didn’t start the mess he just joined in. There was always some usher up there trying to keep it quiet, and they would look at him and be like whatever dude! And where there’s a will there’s always a way and Payroll always found a way. There was this chick name Tee who always graced the balcony with much flavor and Payroll made her his number 1 favorite. She’s every bit a 12 in his book. Payroll was sweet on Tee because Tee kept it real. Offering time was his favorite time because it gave him an opportunity to see what Tee was really working with. Offering time was when everybody woke up and paid close attention.